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About Our Lessons

Every month two new video lessons are uploaded to the 2017 subscriber page with tab to accompany from now to December 31, 2017. We cover an easy and  an advanced version of the tunes, sharing tips and tricks along the way. Subscribers will always have access to the page even after content is no longer being added. The 2016 banjo lessons are now completed and no new content will be added. 

Here's a running list of whats available now.


2017 Banjo Lessons

Mississippi Sawyer

Fire On The Mountain

Jenny Ran Away In The Mud In The Night

Grub Springs

Shady Grove

How to convert a guitar into a 6 String Banjo 

Whiskey Before Breakfast

How To Make A Ping Pong Ball Nail!

Last Chance

Farewell To Trion

Abe's Retreat



Five Miles From Town

Bonaparte's Retreat




2016 Banjo Lessons

11 hours and 54 minutes of banjo instruction!

Wolves A Howling

Over The Waterfall

Sandy Boys


Shaving A Dead Man

Tell Her Lies And Feed Her Candy


Drop Thumb Exercises

Arkansas Traveler

Angeline The Baker    

Double C Chords and Shapes #1

Double C Chords and Shapes #2 #3 #4 coming soon!!!) Thanks Lukas 

Green Willis

Glory In The Meeting House

Home Sweet Home

John Brown's Dream

Lost Girl

Needle Case

Polly Put The Kettle On

Snake River Reel

Soldier's Joy

Waiting For Nancy